“On many occasions I sat down to write a letter of gratitude but was left short of words to thank Dr. Anand Bedekar and his team at Bedekar Hospital (NICU) for their incredible work & compassionate support.My son Siddhant was born premature at 28 weeks and was attended personally by Dr. Anand Bedekar at midnight and with utmost care at NICU, things were  immediately brought under control. Dr. Anand Bedekar explained me & my husband, all the procedures in layman terms and made us feel at ease. Siddhant’s everyday progress was communicated regularly and so positively to us that it eliminated all our fears and concerns. NICU staff was extremely supportive and the expertise and dedication of Dr. Anand Bedekar helped us sail through this tough time smoothly. Siddhant was in the NICU for 4 weeks, and yet I felt so secure and safe as if my baby was in another home. Siddhant is 9 months old now, and never had any complaints. Dr. Anand Bedekar and team, we can’t thank you enough."
- Sonal & Sushant Vaidya.

"In eighth year of our marriage, all our hopes of becoming parents were diminished when our baby was born premature by 3 months. At the time of birth, our angel, Shouryaa, was just 750 grams & survival of such delicate babies is very uncertain. For a premature baby every single minute is crucial & 24 hrs attention of skilled & experienced doctor is a must. Knowing the successful cases of Dr. Anand Bedekar & his residence being in hospital premises, we decided to admit her in Bedekar NICU.  Be it a day or night we have seen that Dr. Anand gives dedicated attention to NICU babies. Sometimes, even in midnight, we have seen Dr. Anand quickly rushing from his residence to NICU for emergency cases. Normally in big hospitals, NICU babies are attended by different doctors in different shifts. However, in our opinion, doctor can get real “feel” of patient when the patient is looked after by same doctor throughout. This maintains consistency in line of treatment which is very much necessary for premature babies.   Though many ups & downs came during stay in hospital, Friendly & supportive environment of hospital kept us strong & positive. Due to Doctor’s dedicated efforts, our Shouryaa won the battle & discharged from NICU after 2.5 month treatment. Though it was happy moment for us, we were just doubtful if we can take care of our small baby like doctor & his team took. Knowing this, Dr. Anand & his wife Shruti explained us how to take care of her feeding & diet, which we followed very strictly. And now, our Shouryaa is 2 year old, healthy, so sharp & so active that we almost forget she was born premature. Thanks to Dr. Anand & Team . Today we are a happy family.”
- Ashwini & Dhanaji Jadhav,